About Us


 FMC attributes that draw people to join in worship:

  • Close-knit congregation who gives time and prays for members needs, the needs in the community and the physical needs of the church.

  • Music lovers who enjoy singing 4-part harmony as well as contemporary hymns.

  • Streamlining the former organizational structure with a Leadership Team.

  • Value the youth and children who are part of the church.

  • Strong love of discussions in Sunday School classes and Care Groups resulting in more acceptance and greater tolerance of persons with differing opinions.

  • Giving generously to Missions, both globally and locally.


        In 1926 Rev. Lester Hostetler (and his wife Charity) resigned as the minister of Walnut Creek Mennonite Church because of the teachings in the (Old) Mennonite Church at that time, regarding dress, life insurance, hair styles, education, church choirs and other issues. Lester had attended Union Theological Seminary in New York and was also a trained musician. He was soon called to be the minister of the Sugarcreek Mennonite congregation that met at the Sugarcreek Union Church, which was built to be a public place of worship in 1894. The space was shared with the German Reformed and the United Brethren. In 1929, by unanimous vote, the Mennonites united with the General Conference of Mennonites of North America. In 1956 the Mennonites purchased the Union Church from the Church of the Brethren and became The First Mennonite Church.

FMC is a member of Mennonite Church USA that formed in 2001 from the merger of the (Old) Mennonite and General

Lester Hostetler 1926-1932
Wilbur Miller and Jesse N. Smucker 1932-1935
William H. Stauffer 1935-1956
Assistant Pastors for summer terms: Arnold Nickel, Herb Fretz, Irvin Richert, Claude Boyer,
Kenneth Shelly, Stan Bohn, Don Smucker
Harold D. Thieszen 1956-1962
Donald Nester (Interim) 1962-1963
Claude Boyer 1963-1978
Dick Marshall 1978
Lorne Friesen 1978-1985
Russell Mast 1985
Edd Mooney 1986-1992
Melvin Leidig 1992-1994
Kevin Farmwald 1994-2003
Julie Gerber, Helen Glick, Rob Burdette 2003-2004
Jayne Byler 2004 – 2014
Mike Gehman  2016-